Approach on environment

move to the textBank protection of the Niigata port - Shinano river left bank
(Biological symbiotic bank protection)

Outlines of the operation

Niigata port (west port district) Shinano river left bank was struck by the Niigata earthquake in 1964, and afterward it was restored in 1965 as plank type bank protection. However, it becomes superannuated as 44 years have passed since its construction. Then, newly installation of biological symbiotic bank protection was executed as construction work for the bank renewal and reforming was decided.

Features of biological symbiotic bank protection structure – Installation of symbiotic space, Wave-dissipating panels

  • Installation of symbiotic space where aquatic lives can live and glow symbiotically
  • Protection of symbiotic space from waves made by navigation vessels such as ferry boats

Targeted Sea area environment (Image)Installation area/Completion view of the bank protection (panoramic view)