Procedures of model construction

A model is constructed in the basin by filling sand and mortar so as to faithfully reproduce the local geography such as water depth.

1) Partitioning for geography

Partitioning to reproduce the geography

Timber panels partitionong the water basin are installed to reproduce a complex seabed geography.

2) Reproducing contour lines

Reproducing contour lines

The contour lines of the seabed (lines in the same depth) is drawn on the sand bed and piles are closely arranged. Plywood panels are placed to connect the piles.

3) Filling with sand

Filling with sand for fixing

Sand is filled and leveled evenly to the top of each panel board of the model.

4) Applying mortar for bonding

Applying mortar

Mortar is applied in 5cm thick on the sand and the surface is smoothed.

5) Completion

Completion of model construction (full view)

The model construction is completed. It takes about two months to construct the model of the port.