Development of Hakusan, A Highly Efficient Floating-Oil-Gathering System

1. Outline

‘Hakusan’ has a structure in which floating oil is collected by an oil-gathering boom extension and is pulled up by collecting machines.

Though the conventional oil-gathering boom satisfies the specifications for its construction, it has some problems such as unintentional extension and time necessary for retraction due to low vessel speed while using the boom and low resistance to waves. In response to these problems, it was decided to develop a more efficient oil-gathering system by improving various aspects of performance.

In 2011 the purpose of the experiments was to find out the optimum structures of devices using an experimental water tank prepared to replicate actual sea conditions.
In 2012, the details of the system will be determined.

2. Schedule

Development of ‘Hakusan’, A Highly Efficient Oil-gathering System


〜 2011

・to understand technical problems
・to collect the latest technology
・to consider the outline of the system
・to consider mounting ‘Hakusan’
・to design the outline
・to develop experiment method (draft)
2011・experiments at scale
2012・final summary
・to determine the structure of the system
・to design the system in detail 

3. Blueprint (The details are under consideration.)

Development of Hakusan, A Highly Efficient Floating-Oil-Gathering System

Note: ‘Hakusan’ is a dredging and oil-gathering vessel